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Hi Paul,
Just wanted to message to let you know we had a fantastic weekend! Everything went smoothly and we had no problems at all, the weather was perfect too!
Thanks for your help and we will definitely be recommending and using Adventure North Wales in the future.
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WHOOOOSH you were here!


4th April 2018

Q:  What’s better than Two WHOOSHES …??

A:  Four WHOOSHES of course


… and to grant you four WHOOSHES … those lovely people at VELOCITY have doubled the number of Zipwires to four at the legendary VELOCITY ZIPWIRES in Penrhyn Quarry in North Wales. 


With speeds reaching an eye watering 125 mph, you’ll reach 60 mph in just ten seconds – WHOOSH. The new VELOCITY 2 offers a steeper decline, longer landing zone and state of the art patented braking system, now you can land up to 70% faster than before – Believe us … that’s some WHOOSH !!! This is a new benchmark in Zipwire experiences – you’ll be A-WHOOSHING and A-BUZZING for hours after you try this !!!

Why not challenge three mates to fly alongside you, the four zips can be booked so that you start together – Four WHOOSHES, One challenge. Can your mates back up the chat?


If there was such a thing as an ADRENALINE’O’METER  we’re pretty sure that this would score a perfect ten ! 


This adrenaline fuelled activity is proving popular with people from all over the UK and beyond so we suggest that you book as quickly as possible, and whilst you’re coming to North Wales or what we like to call the UK’s adventure playground, why not make the most of your trip and try some of  the other fantastic activities that we at Adventure North Wales have to offer. We have over 30 exciting challenges for you to try from White Water Rafting to Quad biking, 4x4 driving and so much more – hey and we can even book your accommodation for you. How’s that for a one stop shop?


We will design your weekend to make the most of your time and give you something to talk about all week! 







March 2018


Top 10 Adventure Activities in North Wales


Since 1996 Adventure North Wales the regions leading organiser of weekend breaks have seen a dramatic and quite amazing development in activities and accommodation, which has seen the area become a top 5 Lonely Planet destination!


North Wales has always had the landscape and natural ingredients to provide World Class adventure. The coastal region especially on the Llyn Peninsula and Anglesey have spectacular options for sailing, sea kayaking, coasteering and scuba diving. The mountainous Snowdonia National Park always popular with walkers and mountaineers has sprouted exhilarating adventures both above and below ground. The Borderlands provides a range of motorised and country pursuit style activities easily accessible for the day visit.


The region has over 30 different activities to enjoy in North Wales so which activities are in our top 10 adventures?


Of course we all have our favorites, but here is a quick overview of our most popular activities in the Adventure North Wales programme.

The North Wales trails favour a trip on horseback to enjoy the beautiful scenary on a pony trek which can be enjoyed by novices or more experienced riders. If motorised is your thing why not tackle the challenging off road terrain driving a 4x4 or onboard a chunky wheel 250cc quad bike, these vehicles were made for the rugged countryside. If racing is your thing, then 250cc twin engine electric go karts on a championship 900m outdoor track has the right buzz. Staying with the country pursuits theme clay pigeon shooting is a fun competitive activity, shooting at clays that simulate the flight of different wild birds. If you are into flying... well ZipWorld Velocity provide flying entertainment at over 125mph above ground while ZipCaverns is a unique experience of 23 small zips in vast underground caverns. For those that prefer a more sedate experience Titan is hugely popular.

Also below ground you can undertake an Indianna Jones style Into the Mountain exploration of the old slate mines in the Snowdonia National Park cross a lake, abseil, zipline and scramble up mine shafts. 

The National White Water Centre is the premier white water rafting venue in the UK. The river Tryweryn is dam fed, which ensures high volumes of water to create grade 2-4 rapids even during the summer months. If you have tried the white water rafting and want to take control of your own craft try the Orca a 2 man craft with just you and your partner navigating the rapids. The setting is beautiful and ideal location for spectators to view the action.

Canyoning is a French created activity, kitted out in wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets you follow the course of the river downstream sliding down rock slabs, jumping into rock pools and finsihing with a zipline from the top of a waterfall to the water below! The setting is almost prehistoric and the action totally real.




North Wales is a vast expanse of stunning, mountains, rivers and undulating countryside and activity venues are spread across the region.

It is prudent to plan your activities and accommodation to minimise travel and maximise chill out time.


Here is the Adventure North Wales top 10 activities in 2017


10.  ZipWorld Titan

9.    Orca Rafting

8.    Go Karting

7.    Quad Biking

6.    4x4 Off Road Driving

5.    ZipWorld Caverns

4.    Clay Pigeon Shooting

3.    Canyoning

2.    White Water Rafting

1.    Zip Velocity


If you are looking for a few weekend activity combination ideas, check out these li smacking ideas... Adventure Weekends

The activities include all specialist equipment and instruction.

While none of the activities require any special skills, if you suffer from any medical condition it is advisable to consult your GP or Doctor prior to booking the event.