into the mountain extreme

If you think you're ready for the next level in underground challenge, our Challenge Xtreme adventure will be just what you're looking for. Starting from our base at Tanygrisiau, we kit up with a harness, helmet, lamp and Wellington boots before heading off in the Land Rovers to one of the largest and deepest abandoned slate mines in the world.


After a short walk up to the entrance with stunning views on all sides, we enter the labyrinth of over fifty miles of tunnel and over a thousand spectacular
caverns carved by the Victorians though the very heart of a mountain.


The going gets tough quickly, and it stays tough. Our route takes us over many lofty traverses - balancing on old beams or pipes over breathtaking voids of darkness. We cross ancient timber bridges and abseil off hideous drops to sink deeper and deeper under the earth.


Ultimately we reach the very bottom accessible floor of the mine - 1,300 feet under the mountain. It is here that we are at the very deepest point that can be reached in Snowdonia.



The extreme trip is a physically tough day out, so all participants will need to be capable of spending a number of hours on their feet and pulling themselves across, up and down obstacles. The route provides significant exposure to huge drops as well as short sections of crawling height. The walk in to the tunnel entrance is 30 minutes uphill.


If you are no good with heights you wont like the Extreme!

At a Glance

Cost:           £79.00 pp

Duration:    7 hours

Min Age:    14 years

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