2021 Team Building for Business

Re-enthuse the team

04 Jan 2021  |  Paul Maung-maung

Re-enthuse the team

During difficult economic times, business can struggle with positivity and development. However it is also time when Leader/Owners/Manager can take stock and reevaluate business direction and objectives. If you have a team or employ people, sharing the vision and direction with them is imperative to gain momentum and push forward.

Much is thought and misconstrued of the term "team building". The term is generic and covers many different activities and is a very subjective event.

Team Building can/is considered, a jolly away from the office at great expense of money and time... If that is how you set the event up.


However a well designed and constructed Team Building event can be an integral element of a business plan, if you consider incorporating

*Strategic Meeting: Company planning, think tank of ideas, product launch, employee input, staff awards.

*Activity: Provide the event with a WOW factor, a shared experience that provides fantastic memories and many conversational points!

*Team Together: Overnight stay, creating a bond/togetherness to enhance relationships and communcation between individuals and departments, even companies.

*Incentive/Reward: A thank you for support, productivity, a show of appreciation

A well planned and organised team event can incorporate all of the above features, ths maximising the impact and financial spend.

Business Benefits
An enthused, motiviated team, who feel included and valued. People who will have clairty as to the expectations and direction of the business.
The business is provided with the vision with everyone pulling in the same direction, which provides the company with a significant advantage against its competitiors who dont invest in "Team Building"

Why North Wales for Team Building?
World class activity adventures which will provide your event a real WOW factor, set in stunning North Wales with a range of suitable but different accommodation with meeting facilities.
Easily accessible from all areas of the UK, so central for nationwide companies.

Lastly, not least, Adventure North Wales have been arranging team events since 1996. We have a creative, can do attitude to make your event very special.
We know the region, the people, how activities are best incorporated into a team event and how the adventures can impact individuals.

Call Paul to discuss how we can maximise your next team event... 0203 318 8188


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