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Adventure North Wales’

 Z to A of Activities 2019

‘Hey, you wanna play’? ‘What you wanna do’?  ‘Just wanna have fun’? 

Well we’ve got you covered!

We’ve got the locations .. you really won’t beat them

We’ve got the scenery… no contest

We’ve got the accommodation … you’ll like it

And, we’ve got the Activities … Oh boy have we got activities for you !!

31 Jan 2019  |  Max Clifford

When you’re looking for an adventure there really is no better playground in Britain and arguably throughout Europe than North Wales – and when it comes to activity breaks in North Wales, nobody does it better than Adventure North Wales…it’s what we do !!

And talking activities, we’ve got choices .. so many choices .. and we’re here to help you make the right choices easily !!

To start with, here’s a quick guide to what’s on offer :

Z to A of Activities

Velocity 2 This is THE rush!! The worlds fastest zipline . 1555m of exhilaration travelling up to 100mph –the closest you’ll get to flying!

Titan  When one zips just not enough! Take three zips! You’ll  travel a total of 1890 exhilarating metres alongside up to three other mates.

Caverns Going Underground in a disused slate quarry, lots of  zipwires, rope bridges, climbing and challenges to make a truly unique      
                  experience –under the watchful eye of professionals. 

Coaster   Staying on the rails, enjoy this toboggan ride through the forest – over 710metre decent travelling up to 25 mph – but believe us,
               you’ll think it’s a lot faster!

White Water Rafting
As popular today as its always been, this fantastic white water white knuckle ride tests you as an individual and as a team. This is Fun with a capital F !!

White Water Tubing
This definitely isn’t bobbing about on a rubber ring .., This is full on white water – solo- 3km of bouncing about in the rapids, following the flow, smiling all the way.

Team Challenge
Does your team need a challenge? Work together in this multi-activity test of resolve and ingenuity. Both land and water based this is a fun way to get to know your team mates.

Rock Climbing
Learn to climb and abseil or improve your skills with our professional instructors. This ever popular sport will thrill and reward in equal measure, whilst enjoying the superb countryside location.

Quad Bikes
Climb on board your powerful quad and enjoy a trail ride to a 5 km mountainside where you will test your newly learned skills over all types of terrain. Exhausting but high octane fun.

Paddle Boarding
Learn how to control a paddle board on the picturesque Lake Bala. This gentle sport is gaining popularity worldwide and you’ll see why once you’ve tried it.

Where Call of Duty suddenly becomes very real ! Test your warfare skills in this forest setting. Strategy, communication and teamwork … and not a screen in sight !!

Pony Trekking
What better way to enjoy the beauty of the North Wales countryside than on one of these delightful and placid Welsh Cob ponies? A relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable experience that you’ll certainly want to do again.

Orca Rafting
A two man inflatable kayak that allows you to discover white water and all of its thrills close up! Full instruction given so even beginners can enjoy this.

If you’ve ever been in a kayak – well, times that experience by ten! If you opt for this full on activity you will be taught how to handle this craft through the white water rapids. It will test you – and every muscle you didn’t know you had !!

Into the Mountain
Underground & Unique !! There are two challenges to choose from – the five hour experience of zip wires, rock climbing, crossing an underground lake in a boat, abseiling off ledges and scrambling over boulders .. or there’s the 7 hour EXTREME experience… Full on, thrilling, testing … you’ll never forget this unique activity.

High Ropes
Climb amongst the trees verdant canopy – learn new skills whilst testing yourself against the 21 elements that need negotiating before reaching the only gravity braked zip wire in the UK

Go Karting
Unleash the Lewis Hamilton in you – your adrenalin will be pumping on these superfast 270cc Biz carts on this bespoke British Championship course – Put foot to the pedal and don’t stop until you see the chequered flag.

4 x 4
This is a 4x4 experience to test even the most serious petrol head, top of the range vehicles follow the route that manufacturers use to test their new vehicles. Cambers and climbs, lakes and just about every challenge a 4x4 could be put through. You’ll learn lots and thoroughly enjoy this special experience.

Its not just lemmings that throw themselves off cliffs into the sea, you can too, fully supervised! But coasteering is so much more than that, it’s water borne fun- hours of jumping, scrambling, swimming, climbing and lots of laughs.

Clay Pigeon Shooting
Still immensely popular, technology has advanced so now the clays once released will replicate the flight of Grouse, pheasant and rooks. Your instructor will watch and guide you to maximise your hit rate.

Truly playing in natures adventure playground – Climb up and then slide down slabs of granite jump into rock pools, boulder hop and splash along in the river. See the Wales that few others have – Exhilarating, rewarding and great fun -

Supposedly survival skills are innate to us all – but a reminder wouldn’t go amiss! Learn the real skills needed to survive in nature. Our Bushman instructor will teach your all manner of skills which will leave you fully equipped and with a great respect for nature.

Bounce Below
Inside an old slate cavern the size of St Pauls Cathedral nets have been hung at different levels - connected by tunnels and slides. All you have to do is bounce around from one net to the next, sliding and climbing. It’s really great fun and exhausting.

Increasing in popularity, the desire to wield a bow and arrow has remained with us. Today’s equipment is unrecognisable from the days of Robin Hood as technology will help you in your quest for the bullseye. ( Children with apples on their heads not allowed)!

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